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New Ideas for Music Industry Culture




Compassionate Muse Heads to SXSW, The New Colossus Festival, and Ohio University Communications Week!

By LJ Malberg 3.2.19

I’ve got a few upcoming speaking events I’m really excited about and wanted to share!

This Friday I’m headed down to Austin, Texas for the whole SXSW Conference and Festival!   I’ll be reporting my inspirations and learnings from the ground on my social media channels. If you’re not doing so already, follow me on Instagram or Twitter!

I believe this is my 9th year attending SX since I started going in 2008 and the very first year I’ll be hosting and speaking on the Evolving Work Culture within the Music Industry.  SO PSYCHED! It’s both an honor and a privilege and I couldn’t have made it happen without the help of our sponsor Blue Note Entertainment Group!

Who it’s for: Entry-level, Mid-level and Senior-level Music Industry Professionals 
What’s it about: Meet the host LJ Malberg, President of Compassionate Muse and advocate for the Compassionate Evolution within the Music Industry 
Why it’s important: We are in the midst of huge change within our Industry and the opportunity to discuss thoughts on improving how we work with each other while balancing personal career goals allow us to elevate our Industry for GOOD 

If you’re interested in attending this event, email me for more information.  No SXSW badge required! 

This Thursday, March 7th my buddy Steve Matrick, Mike Hayes and the LES (Lower East Side) music scene are launching YEAR 1 of The New Colossus Festival, a Music Industry Conference and Festival THAT IS SURE TO ROCK.

I’m thrilled to have been invited to speak as the Career Development Coach on their Mental Health Panel: Erasing the Stigma: Mental Health and the Musician’s Community

When: Thursday March 7, 2019 at 4pm 
Where: Arlene’s Grocery, NYC
Who it’s for: This panel is for Artists and Music Industry Professionals.
What it’s about:  Learn about mental health issues, stress and common struggles artists and industry professionals face.  You’ll also learn about support systems out there that are available now!
Why it’s important:  Music and Entertainment has some of the highest percentages of on-the-job depression and substance addiction.  As the Industry continues to evolve, mental health support and the outside-the-box solutions like Coaching, Mentorship and Compassion-based Work Strategies, are becoming more and more the norm of today.  

Pick up your tickets and be sure you come say hi!  I’d love to see you!!

On March 29th I am THRILLED to be a part of Ohio University’s Communications Week!  I’ll be leading a 2-hour clinic on Increasing Your Value at Work.  Sound familiar?  I have an introduction 3-part video series on CoMuse TV talking about this very important topic!  You can check it all out here

What is it: OU Women in Music Industry Present:
Increasing Your Value at Work with LJ Malberg

When it is: Friday, March 29 2019 9:30-11:30a
Who it’s for: Open to students of Ohio University
What’s it about: This is an interactive, 2-part workshop on pursuing a career in Music or the creative industries to position yourself as a winning candidate even when you’re just starting out
Why it’s important:  The competitive landscape of the Music and Creative Industries are fast-changing to one that must include meaning and purpose beyond the paycheck.  This workshop will give you tools to stand out while staying true to yourself.  

I’m SO grateful to all of you for reading and engaging in the important conversations of work evolution within our Industry!  Please look forward to more exciting news, tips and interviews from The Weekly Muse real soon.

Compassion rocks!

LJ xo

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