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Is CoMuse Coaching right for me?

If you work anywhere in the Industry Professional, Music Tech or Artist/Band side of Music, this coaching is for you!

You work in:

Artist Management/Booking

Venue Management

Concert Promotion

Tour Production

Recording Industry

Music Technology


Artist Services


Digital Licensing



and More…

Why should I care about CoMuse Coaching?

The Music Industry is in the midst of big change right now and I’m not just talking about the technology that supports us.

Our Baby Boomers are retiring, and our Millennials are looking for meaning and purpose beyond the pay.


ALL of us, no matter which generation we’re from wants to feel more connected to ourselves and each other in a way that inspires creativity, productivity, added value and respect.

CoMuse brings you a unique coaching experience tailored to your specific area in Music like nothing else out there. Whether that be through artist management or your production, I bring my 23 years of boots-on-the-ground Industry experience to support your goals in a way that makes TOTAL sense for you to get to that next level.

Which CoMuse Coaching package is right for me?

1:1 Individual and Group Coaching packages are available for all different goal sizes.

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