Welcome and Giving Thanks: Even When It’s Hard Sometimes

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a long career in Music with lots of invaluable experiences.  With all the hats I’ve worn, it’s struck me as important to invest in people, not things, recognizing that WE our Industry’s greatest asset. 

So many I’ve crossed paths with have expressed a feeling of disconnection at work.  Regardless of which part of the Industry we “live” in: Artist/Band, Artist Representation, Venues, Promoters, Labels, Education, Licensing, Publishing, Streaming, Songwriting, Recording and Ticketing, there seems to be a common feeling of disconnection from the reason we get into the Business in the first place: our common love and passion for the music.  New folks entering the Business see this disconnect and model after it.  So it appears that our culture perpetuates this limiting definition of success=money (only) equation.  This irony of commonality in disconnection is what’s inspired me to work towards change in how we relate and the way we connect and support each other.  It’s business AND it’s personal.

With all the new workplace trends in diversity and inclusion, in a leadership study published by Deloitte 55% say inclusion is discussed but rarely implemented.  Talking has to be followed by doing.  Compassion is in the action.

I feel so grateful to those that I’ve worked with and to those that have mentored and coached me along the way!  And so this season, I want to dedicate all my gratitude to you, my new readers, and I’m SO excited to engage in real dialogue and new ideas that move our Music Business forward towards compassion and inclusion.  You can expect to get new and curated content from me that I hope will leave you feeling inspired, appreciated and valued.  Thank you for doing what you do to keep our Music Industry alive.  I wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Compassion Rocks,

LJ xo

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