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Just Kids book cover with Patti Smith and Robert Maplethorpe
Patti Smith - Just Kids
Have you ever reinvented your career and your life in order to keep creating?  How many times?  It’s 7 times for me.  I don’t really see them as 7 separate paths, but rather a single path made up of chapters, each which informs the next. 
Patti Smith has reinvented herself and her career to keep her art and her creativity alive as she evolved as a human being.  A poet, musician, visual artist, speaker, author, she is truly one of the greatest word-smiths of the rock n’ roll age.
I follow Patti on social media and I’m especially touched by her always-brave sincerity.  Her delivery is never harmful, but in a truth-seeker’s duty-to-share kind of way.  Never any bullshit and I respect that.  So I bought the audio book and it’s really good.
“Just Kids” by Patti Smith, an autobiography of her earlier life and her friendship with Robert Maplethorpe.  It was awarded the National Book Award and has been out “on the shelves” for years.  She’s recently re-released it and now it’s on Audible, narrated by who else but the reverent Patti Smith.  To quote Patti in “Just Kids” she says, “To be an Artist was to see what others could not.”
I find that surrounding myself with great Leaders inspires me to be a great leader.  Enveloping myself with the words, music and art of great Creatives inspires me to create GREATLY.
This is a reminder to myself and to all of you Creative Professionals, keep the passion alive and feed your soul with others that truly inspire your next chapter.
Compassion rocks my friends!
LJ xo

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