When Mindfulness During Your Quarantine Isn’t Enough Try These 4 Things

CoMuse in quarantine
CoMuse in quarantine

Being intentional about my work, my relationships, my health and my thinking is super-important to me. I realize this way of living isn’t for everyone.  It requires a lot of patience and discipline.  I feel the benefits far outweigh the bad: this process forces me to think about why I’m being so intentional in the first place. And it allows me to be really honest with myself (and call bullshit when necessary).  Authenticity and integrity are two values I hold very close to my heart.  Even then, sometimes this level of mindfulness is too much to sustain in the midst of a pandemic. It can be exhausting.  I’ve been working on a contingency when I need a break from the status quo.  So I’ve come up with a list of the top 4 most mindful things you can do during quarantine to switch up your mindfulness routine (a couple of these may surprise you).

1. Laugh your ass off as much as humanly possible. Laugh spontaneously at nothing at all. Laugh at yourself more (c’mon, you know you’re hilarious!). Put your fav comedies on and laugh at those. Do laughter yoga (yeah it’s a thing) and get those feel-good endorphins pumping.  Schitt’s Creek man.  Check out Schitt’s Creek.

2. Put yourself on a digital diet. Yeppers, I know it sounds like all hype and you don’t really want to do it because you know deep down inside you’re in complete denial about how addicted you are to your phone. Welcome to the club! We all need to give ourselves some intentional screen-time-off to allow our minds to rest and reset. Try not checking any email for the first 2 hours you’re awake each morning and the last hour before bed. Already good with that? Pick one day a week (i.e. Saturday) and go for 4 hours without. You’ll feel rejuvenated and proud of yourself for digging into that book you’ve been meaning to read. Keep an eye out for our Mindfulness in Music Digital Diet workshop as part of our Conference this October 16, 2020.

3. Bake something absolutely delicious. Baking is in fact an exact science. For this reason I love it because it requires me to be completely present in order for it to turn out eatable AND even better, enjoyable (I require this combination from my baked goods). Choose a recipe of your liking and get ‘ta cookin’… I mean bakin’.  I just made The Unskilled Cavewoman’s Tigernut Maple Granola recipe and it’s BOMB.  The best part of course is the eating part. Enjoy!

4. Forgive yourself so you can move on.  Easier said than done, but probably the most important on this list.  I practice this daily.  Doesn’t mean you have to forget- you can still learn from your choices and make different ones in the future.  But you really don’t need to call yourself stupid or beat yourself up.  Life’s too short.

I hope this helps!  Let me hear from you on how you’re doing.

Compassion rocks!

LJ xo

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