Compassion Changes Everything

compassion is everywhere
Compassion changes everything.

Hey, I wanted to write you a quick love letter <3.  I’ll be brief. Compassion changes things- it changes everything.  It has scientifically shown to change the way our mind is wired. Through compassion, we can be more happy with what we have. We can be more fluid and let go of what we never had because we are present. Through compassion we can be more available for others in need (of anything), and even if the material items aren’t there to offer in the moment (i.e. money, food, clothing, shelter, water)— we can still show up.


Through compassion we can choose to elevate our relationships; the one with ourselves being the most vitally important.  Here’s a video I did to support coaching yourself like a boss with self-compassion… there’s a little wine drinking at the end (I mean hey, what a year!) but still… Self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-love (not the same as blindly enabling one’s bad habits) means waking up to the truth. The truth is available to us and since we’re all operating on severely limited information, it takes discipline, investigation and commitment and time to uncover it. Keep going. Love yourself more because you deserve all the love the world can offer.  Sending you love.

Compassion rocks!
LJ xo

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